Heavy Lifting


ISTE15 was last week. I didn’t go. Instead, I was at NotAtISTE15.


NotAtISTE, as near as I can figure it, is a Google+ group of educators who were not in Philadelphia last week for ISTE2015. Because of the group and some new technologies (or new ways to apply existing collaboration tools) it felt a little like I was there.

@TonyVincent, @CoburnCori and many others who paricipated at the ISTE15 conference were kind enough to use the @PeriscopeCo app to record keynotes, Ignites, and other events. It really was an amazing thing to experience. It was like a backchannel only in real-time, with motion graphics, and two-way text messaging.

Photo of an old dump truck

Information and peoples’ perspectives came in a crush-rush. @JenWagner did an amazing job with the Google+ group, enabling challenges, coordinating NotAtISTE15 events. It was fun jumping around and staying connected. I even got to engage with @CraigYen in a GHO (Google Hang Out) primer.


By Wednesday afternoon as NotAtISTE15 wound down I was into some serious reflection on some of the cool things I learned. It got me to thinking about smarter ways people NotAtaPD event can collaborate and share learning with those that are at the event.

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