Loco Motive Learning


I like trains and training. Both make the earth move for me.

Sketch of a signal lamp next to a passing train


I grew up near a railroad switching yard. The rumble of diesel engines highballing through the yard, green-lit: Wow! Learning felt like that sometimes: earthshaking and exciting. Sadly as I got older learning grew boring. School didn’t rumble much after 5th grade.


I love taking fresh instructional strategies out for a spin. More than once a customer has flashed that look. You know the one: You loco? What were you thinking with that prototype? More often than not it leads to something amazing. My current prototypes: speed dating, things that suck, design like a pirate.

Want something different to happen? Try something different. Prototypes are a great way to learn. My best career successes have been the direct result of being a little crazy.


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