Juice to Go


10 hours into the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference my iPad and me held up well.

screen capture of an iPad battery showing 25% charge left

Have you been to a wedding lately? At the close of DevLearn's first day weddings are on my mind. Several times, walking from one session to the next, I passed the Bellagio's wedding chapel (sorry, no photo as of blog-time). The bridal rhyme “Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new. A sixpence in your shoe.” sums it up. How's that? Read on.

Something Things Borrowed

Today's sessions I attended include:

  • Real examples of immersive learning
  • Keynote with Neil de Grasse Tyson
  • Collective digital storytelling: Learning in the 21st century
  • Designing for when it matters
  • Badges: New currency for competencies and high-value credentials
  • Ignite: Meme-ing the future of learning

I was surprised how often it happened during most of the sessions that something I learned at one of the last year's EdCamps came to mind: immersive, story, project-based learning, and crazy-fun. My surprise surprised me, actually. I design learning experiences for adults. EdCamp is professional development for educators working in K-12. It's been challenging (and crazy-fun) figuring out how to make sense of it all, applying K-12 learning/teaching strategies and technology to corporate learning. Learning from some very talented and experienced peers it struck me that some of what I've learned at EdCamp has been borrowed. Sure, I learned a lot and applied some of what I learned. Today the ideas became mine. I own the process of changing my practice. I'm definitely on the right track

Something Blue

I did a little schmoozing today, networking. A couple of times it was whilst waiting in line for something, lunch in one case, that I started conversations with some around me. One of the people I talked to, as it happens, works with the same group that I do. Wow, small world. I hadn't met him before though. It made me sad when I asked him, as I had several others, if he had a Twitter account (he didn't). How are we supposed to keep in touch going forward? Email doesn't really work; it's not a casual 'hey, how ya doin' kind of tool. That's what Twitter is to me. It's having an idea and tossing it over a wall then moving on. Sometimes I hear back about it, other times not. Most of the time, in fact, I don't hear anything. That doesn't stop me from continuing to toss things over though. Maybe it needs more work on my part before the idea or observation gains traction. I wish other people felt the same way about it.

Something Old

I have close friends I've never met. Yes, I'm talking Twitter, again. Today brought several treats in my physical world.

photograph of Marlie and Urbie with an iPad between them

Over lunch I bumped into Marlie. Some years ago we worked at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. It was cool connecting and catching up. We're both still doing instructional design. We're both very excited about the future of learning. Awesome.

Something New

Some of the vendors have cool new stuff. The one that really got my attention was this web-based application Knowedge Guru has. I don't know much about it. I signed up for an online demo on November 3rd. It seemed fun. In learning, fun is good.


I had a full day yesterday before leaving home for Las Vegas. It was dark in the entry when I left. For ages, since as long as I can remember, my family has kept our shoes by or close to the front door. I didn't notice until this morning finishing getting dressed that I'd put on two different shoes. They're both black and very similar in style. No one has noticed so far. Don't let on, okay?


I can't wait for tomorrow. It's gonna be great!


2 thoughts on “Juice to Go

  1. I love your analogy! They say there really isn’t anything really new in training just stuff that’s been reworked and renamed. You bring up a great point about keeping in touch after a conference. I still collect business cards, mostly because I’m old and need to remember names – but secondarily I’m hoping they have their twitter handle on the card so I can add them to my community. We share this information because we thought someone was of interest or like-mind, but we all hate email so why not share a different avenue in which to connect? For me conferences are about social learning and I want to continue to learn from my new friends afterwards! Thanks for sharing your reflections and do I see a portable charger in your future? (and perhaps you need to start getting dressed with the lights on) 🙂

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