Running On MT


What to do when 140 characters isn't enough? Blog. The other day I modified a tweet, adding #lrnchat. #lrnchat is a Thursday afternoon Twitter chat: a gathering of educators discussing topics relevant to L&D (Learning and Development) practitioners. Browse #lrnchat for more information including chat transcripts.

Screen capture of a tweet


I've been with Twitter since May 2007. I didn't get it for a long time. When I did figure it out, when the lightbulb turned on and I got that it could connect me with other educators it was #lrnchat that threw the switch. Twitter has been my go-to method for professional development (PD) since at least 2010.



The cool thing about #lrnchat are the questions: the Q&A. The feeling of community really comes through. I travel a lot. When it's #lrnchat time I often stop and put life on hold for the hour or so the chats last.

Photograph of a building and a sign reading The Hope Store


The best of times are when someone says something and all of a sudden I get it. It can be an idea for an interaction or a fun way to present something. But it doesn't have to be. A lot of the time reflecting on something someone said helps trigger a memory and then wow! an idea coalesces. I try to tweet constructively. Occasionally I use some of those stray recollections to put two-and-two together, tying an idea to an old TV show as metaphor.



About that tweet I modified to include the #lrnchat hashtag: I wanted to share something that resonated with me: be curious, question.

Photograph of  tee shirt imprinted with Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask & Analyze, Transformation, Enthusiasm


Most of my blog posts the past year, maybe even all of them, have been motivated by my PD experiences at several #edcamps I've participated in. One of the takeaways I've had, probably THE standout thing I learned was how to Teach Like A Pirate. During a #tlap chat over the summer I got poked: @LnDDave tweeted about submitting session ideas for #DevLearn. So I though, “Why not?” If I really believe I'm passionate about learning then I ran down the list of pirate attributes and went about proposing.



@JaneBozarth writes about showing your work. @TechNinjaTodd says “You Matter.”

Screen capture of a Tweet reading 813 Applying K-12 Strategies and Technology in Corporate Learning

So I'm curious enough about learning and sharing to give doing a #DevLearn session a shot and show my work to people who matter.



My take on the poster contained in the tweet I modified is that if we're serious about education and our own development we should be curious, explore, poke and question. Afterwards, we should consider sharing via a venue we're comfortable with, stand back, and see what happens.




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