Reflections: #EdCampWestTexas Weekend

Intro: Thoughts a week after an edcamp

Photo collage of Pure Genius by Don Wettrick, a GoPro camera, iPhone and pen

I celebrated my First EdCamp Anniversary in Abilene, Texas with a number of educators. As usual it was amazing to be with motivated and happy professional educators. I deepened my knowledge of:

  • Learner engagement: Keep it real.
  • Pearsonal Learning Communities: Collaborate and share. Keep it real.
  • Innovation: Be practical, have fun, and lose the not-invented-here mindset. Keep it real.


Learner Engagement

Photo of teacher explaining how to add color to his phonograph record spin-to-decorate bike

Keep it real. People will lean-in and actively engage if what they are learning is interesting and relevant to their interests. Ideally learners should make something to demonstrate their understanding.


Personal Learning Communinties

Photo of teacher sharing with a small group of learners

Keep it real. Get together with people who share your professional development interests. Share success, near misses or ideas that fizzled. Ask for help. Social media venues like Twitter, Facebook and others make it possible to connect. Don't be shy: Get involved.



Photograph of a projection screen showing the Kahoot web assessment and survey app

Make the most of what you have at hand. Try new ways of assessment like the Kahoot web app. It all starts with an idea. Share with peers close by or far away. Tweak the idea for your context and give it a good try.


Outro: Be open to different ways of knowing

Photograph of rattlesnake poised to strike

Every person you meet and share with opens up new perspectives. Relax and be open to new ideas. When you come up with something really interesting invite your local media (newspaper, radio, or TV station) to come by.


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