For some odd reason I'm up earlier than a body has a right to be on a Sunday morning. True to form, whatever the hour, muscle memory and habit kicks in and so my day begins. Over breakfast this tweet catches my eye.

Screen capture of eye catching tweet

I read the Compassion Based Learning blog post, but not in its entirety. I learned from my coworker @masantosiii the other day that our attention spans, for a variety of reasons, are getting shorter. Jumping to the hot parts of the blog post (yellow highlighted text, bold faced font, red shaded text) I probably came away with a skewed view of what its author intended. Apologies if I got it wrong.

I blog, but infrequently. I'm okay with this as I'm driven by some need to be understood when something I hear or see resonates. The significant learning events I've had over the past year have mostly come from personal face-to-face contact with others. This has been my year of #LowNoCost professional development (PD) where I travel, sometimes quite a long way, by slow (car) means.

It started last August. In a funk about feelings I'd been having on missing something, I dunno what exactly: fun, cool, whatever. But I felt something was missing that had the potential to leave a smoking gaping hole in my PD if I failed to heed the call. A tweet I saw said something about an #EdCampWestTexas (I know. Seems like every one of my blog posts this year has been about the EdCamp experience. Just go with it.). So I went. I got there late: forgot about a time zone going from Roswell, NM to Abilene, TX.

New stuff came to me in a rush of sights, sounds. The things that lasted were from these two people I met: @ChristyCate and @Sciology. It'd take a much longer post (you probably wouldn't read all of it anyway) to describe how profound it was for me. But through these two educators I learned, in the mythic-fable-like way of things that lead you to hold a thought near and dear about Teaching Like a Pirate, Genius Hour, Flipping, #EduAllStars and so much more.

So yes, by all means blog. Optimize your search engine keywords and whatnot. But at the end of the day (end of the week actually as most EdCamps are on Saturdays) reach out and meet others who share your interests. The best part from all the takeaways are applying what I learn from my K-12 PLN to the instructional design (serving a mostly adult t-pop).

Takeaway: get out from behind that screen and share and learn with others.



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