Et Tu #etmooc

So I had every intention of participating in last night's #etmooc introductory collaboration meetup. Only by the time I got my campsite set up I saw there wasn't enough zip in my mi-fi wi-fi. I'll be taking a look at the recording later this week (tonight?) to see what I missed.

I spend as much time as I can outdoors. I'm fascinated by the night sky. I haven't ever used a telescope or binoculars for star gazing, preferring to use my eyes only.

It's this thought that brings me to one facet of educational technology that troubles me: the idea that the technology part of ed-tech has to be the latest stuff. I don't think so. It has to satisfice, be good enough.

As it happened I didn't spend too much time looking up at the stars: It was wayyy too cold, the mercury having dipped to something like 16F in the part of far southeastern New Mexico where I spend most of my time these days. Even so, I spent as much time out in the open as I could. I want my instructional designs and educational technology deployments to get learners excited enough to not want to let go of them too quickly.

I'm sure being in #etmooc will go a long way towards getting me there.

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