#ETMOOC Assignment #1 Introduction

Who is he?

I'm Urbie Delgado. I'm an instructional designer working for US Customs & Border Protection in New Mexico.


What's the guy's educational background?

I have an M.S. Ed. in Education with a specialization in instructional design for online learning. It was awarded on December 31, 2008 by Capella University. My undergraduate degree, a BA, is in Behavioral Science awarded August 31, 2006 by Western International University. I have three certificates:

  • Multimedia Production Management, August 31, 1998 through UC Santa Cruz Extension
  • Continuous Improvement and Quality Management, July, 1996 through UC Santa Cruz Extension
  • Electronics Technology, March 31, 1976 through Devry Institute of Technology


What's he do?

I've been with US Customs and Border Protection for almost three years. I produce instructor-led and distance learning courses in support of front-line agents. A significant part of my job involves coaching lead agents in the design and development of interactive instructionally sound instructor-led courses. I've also produced courses, learning experiences and content in the K-12 space for Pearson and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I've supported customer service and technical support workers for Wells Fargo, Qwest and Intel. I have taught office automation and multimedia design courses for Executrain, New Horizons and Sterling-Ledet and taught Flash design, development and animation as an adjunct instructor with Estrella Mountain Community College.


Why's he taking the course?

Basically, I'm taking the #EDMOOC to connect with peers from around the world. The course will give me an opportunity to be a little more creative than I usually am at my day job.


Anything else?

I'm actually on my third career. I've been a sailor (US Navy cryptologic technician — 6 years), electronics technician (semiconductor manufacturing industry — 16 years) and education (since 1993). I've been married to Diana (return to work specialist) for going on 22 years; we have three children: Ashley, Allison and Amy. Oh, and I have three tattoos: Popeye, Snoopy and Woodstock on my upper arms.

You can learn more about me and the stuff I do by browsing http://www.urbie.com


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