Best Apps for Mobile Learning

One of the reasons I'm into social media is that it helps me connect to a diverse well of thoughts and ideas;most of what I see is water under the bridge: of no particular interest and quickly forgotten. Some stuff I find interesting to some degree because I find it technically interesting, humorous, thought provoking or completely alien to me: the latter being a way of thinking I hadn't previously considered.

Today's post is in response to a thought provoking tweet from @c4lpt inviting me to participate in a survey to help identify the 100 best tools for learning. I decided to focus on mobile since that's where my interests are taking me. I started to list my favorite apps when a stray thought hit me: Can there be such a thing as the 100 best tools/apps? I don't think so. Here's why.

At last count there's something like 908 apps in my family's iTunes with maybe 180 apps on my iPad. I use all of them for mobile learning: authoring and consumption. I don't use all my apps for m-learning all the time: it depends on what I'm working on. @TheConsultantsE gets this.

Anyway, here are my 10 favorite apps at this particular moment. Mostly I use apps for ideation: coming up with instructional strategies. Some of the most used apps I use for ideation are Plants vs Zombies, MindMap and 53 Paper.

I'm out in the field a lot doing front-end analysis, observations and meeting with subject matter experts (SMEs); seriously, in a field far from PCs and networks. QuickOffice Pro HD does an amazing job with MS Office documents. ReaddleDocs opens almost anything for viewing and annotating. DropBox is unbeatable for storing and sharing data in the cloud.

SG Project Pro I use for project management. iAWriter is an easy to use note taking app. Avid Studio is great for video editing. NoteAbility does an admirable job note taking by drawing, typing or recording audio.

So I guess that's 10. Only like I said: it depends. 10 minutes from now or next week or starting my next project some of the apps might be different.


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